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Europhoria - The Great, Glam & Garish History of Eurovision

Oct 19, 2017

Episode 37 of the Europhoria podcast and Isobel and Roland open up a rather mysterious wine to kick off the show. Isobel then proceeds to tell the tale of how one of her favourite lines from a Euovision song came to be.

Roland then attempts to create a song to win over the Tween Girls and get them to vote! Will it...

Oct 12, 2017

Episode 36 of the Europhoria podcast and after catching up on some lovely mail Roland proceeds to finish up his Eurovision trilogy of when former singers become political with the amazing tale of Kiev's Queen of the Night.

Isobel then tolerates Roland's attempt to create a Eurovision smash hit yet another time, but how...

Oct 5, 2017

Episode 35 of the Europhoria podcast and Roland and Isobel are feeling a little funny, which means things go off at a bit of a tangent also meaning you get an extra bumper length episode! Isobel explains about a man who decided to make himself a feature of Eurovision 2010.

Roland then takes a different tack with his...