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Europhoria - The Great, Glam & Garish History of Eurovision

Jul 27, 2017

Episode 26 of Europhoria and because Roland is spending the next week in New York, he and Isobel are doing back to back episodes, so prepare for a boozy couple of weeks!

Roland returns to an earlier story to pick up on one very small element, which, since recording, has blown up into a global political scandal.

In an...

Jul 20, 2017

Episode 25 of Europhoria and Isobel and Roland are discussing a rather unusual, and very furry halftime show of a Eurovision contest from time gone by.

Roland then tries to correct his extremely poor showing of writing a song contest entry from last week. Will he succeed? Tune in to find out!

Jul 13, 2017

Episode 24 of Europhoria and Isobel has had a big weekend, but fortunately it is Roland's turn to tell a story this week. After a quick catch-up with Any Other Bid'ness Roland explains the long and complex relationship between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

After the triumph of last week's song RSVP, can Roland be just as...

Jul 6, 2017

Episode 23 of Europhoria and Isobel is telling the tale of one of the most prolific contenders in Eurovision history.

After sharing a KitKat between the two of them Roland pays Isobel his attempt at creating a Eurovision hit. How will she react? Listen to find out!

Show Timings

5:25 - Eurovision News

9:04 - Any other...