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Europhoria - The Great, Glam & Garish History of Eurovision

Apr 30, 2020

Over the years, a select few songs which were selected by their nations to enter Eurovision never actually made it to the show, for a variety of reasons they fell by the wayside before even making it to the semi-final night of the competition.

This week Isobel and Roland celebrate just a small selection of those songs...

Apr 23, 2020

In a break from usual programming, Isobel introduces a brand new game (to which she maintains all rights and responsibilities) which makes Roland blush consistently for 20 minutes, play along at home for the entertainment of yourself and those around you!

Apr 16, 2020

This week in Europhoria Roland is presenting a collection of Eurovision stories which were to short for their own individual episodes but are still (to varying degrees) worth discussing. This is followed by Isobel getting her best judgy wudgy out to give a review of Roland's attempts at creating a Eurovision smash hit.

Apr 9, 2020

Isobel and Roland are back once again to tell tales from the great, glam and garish history of the Eurovision Song Contest. This weeks Isobel shares the trials and tribulations of Russian superstar Alex Sparrow. Roland then continues his quest to write and record a Eurovision smash hit.

Apr 2, 2020

Isobel and Roland are back and this week Roland is telling the tale of a man described as one of the best Croatian voices in the country's history and a symbol of Croatia.

Roland then follows this up by trying to create a smash hit Eurovision song all about taking care of yourself.