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Europhoria - The Great, Glam & Garish History of Eurovision

Sep 28, 2017

Episode 34 of the Europhoria Podcast and Roland is continuing his trilogy of former Eurovision stars who dip their toes in the world of politics. This week Roland focusses the lens on an Irish legend in the competition.

Roland then tries to get a little funky with his attempt to create a Eurovision smash hit song. Can...

Sep 21, 2017

Episode 33 of the Europhoria Podcast and this week we take a (slightly rambling) look at the wonderful life of a legend in Romani music, one Esma Red┼żepova. Along the way we also discuss the Borat movie, Isobel's shoe collection and a snake eating a fish (hence to bonus-length runtime!).

Roland then attempts to make...

Sep 14, 2017

Episode 32 of the Europhoria podcast and things get political with a twist in this week's episode. After opening a rather exotic (and rather sweet) wine the pair discuss one of the most popular Eurovision songs of all time.

Roland is very tired... what impact will this have on his Eurovision song attempt? Listen to find...

Sep 7, 2017

Episode thirty one of the Europhoria podcast and whatever Isobel promises she delivers. So this week we dive headfirst into the weird and wonderful world of the UK's infamous rapping entry, Daz Sampson.

In honour of Daz, Roland attempts to imagine what a 2018 entry from the man himself would sound like. Find out if...