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Europhoria - The Great, Glam & Garish History of Eurovision

Aug 31, 2017

Episode thirty of the Europhoria podcast and after a week off in Edinburgh Isobel returns to the podcast, perfectly in time for Roland to tell her all about the worst man in the history of the Eurovision song contest.

Roland then attempts to convince her he's written a Eurovision smash hit with his latest song...

Aug 24, 2017

Isobel has gone to Edinburgh to spread the good word about Eurovision so we're taking a gap this week. 

However, in order to bridge the gap until then Isobel has a very special 'treat' for all of you!

Enjoy and see you next week!

Aug 17, 2017

Episode 29 of the Europhoria Podcast and after a busy weekend Isobel and Roland are back to delve into the history of Eurovision. This week Isobel tells tale of the first black singer in the contest.

Meanwhile Roland's attempts at creating metaphors in his song attempt forces an overwhelming reaction from Isobel.


Aug 10, 2017

Episode 28 of the Europhoria podcast and Roland and Isobel have a sackful of your lovely mail to get through. After they do this and update the prize fund for the winner of the song contest Roland tells the tale of the calamitous Eurovision Song Contest 1991.

Roland then tries to win Isobel over with his song about...

Aug 3, 2017

Episode 27 of Europhoria and once again Isobel delves deep into the archives of Eurovision hopefuls to tell the tale of the weirdest band in the world.

After a remarkable story about a remarkable band Roland attempts to do the remarkable and satisfy Isobel's need for Euro-pop. Will he succeed by creating the next entry...